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Today is June 24th, 2018.  A new knowledge has been just thrown on me.
As a result I have to revise my ways, my recommendations on how to make money online.
Also, I have to re-write (restructure) my blog.
As this “new knowledge” has been thrown on me by the creator and leader of 1K Team himself,
let me introduce to you the source of my new knowledge:

Learn How to Earn Big online

Make money online with TW 1K TeamWelcome to my Blog – feelgreat.info.

My name is Margaret Bukojemska.

I am part of the Traffic Wave 1K Team.

I hope you will join with me and Feel Great as well 🙂


Very Important if you are a Newbie:

  • One of our Team’s goals is to turn every newbie
    into a seasoned (experienced) marketer.

Please remember:

  • Every seasoned marketer has started as a newbie! 🙂
  • If you don’t understand something – ask me questions.
    Ask me as many questions as you need in order to understand.
  • I answer ALL questions.
  • There are no stupid questions
    – I may not realize that you don’t understand something until you tell me this!
  • Don’t be shy or afraid – I don’t bite.


With 1K Team we all can build 2 x 88K Income streams.

1) Traffic Wave (TW)

TW offers unlimited email marketing at a low fixed rate plus an incredible pay plan.
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2) The Online Ad Network (TOAN)

TOAN offers advertising – 50 banner or text ads – at a low fixed rate plus an incredible pay plan.
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  • Both TW and TOAN are owned by the same person – Brian Rooney,
    both are US-based,
    are honest and legitimate (members are always get paid on time).

TrafficWave was launched in the year of 2000, TOAN is younger

  • On top of this – both programs use 3 x 10 matrices.
    This means that while building my own downline
    I can help every member in my downline expand their downlines as well.

    • Not only my referrals have signed up upgraded members.
      Their referrals have signed up upgraded members too. And their referrals as well.

I joined TW 1K Team on November 10, 2017

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Before I joined TW 1K Team – I never earned anything online.
On the contrary – I lost lot of money.
Joining 1K Team has changed everything. And did it fast..!!

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