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Earn BIG with just… 3 Referrals !

Learn & Earn -- on steroids!! -- with Ben Olszewski

How To Easily Earn $7,200/mo with just 3 referrals!
(actually, the earning potential is UNLIMITED)


Let’s talk a bit more about the PayPlan
that Ben Olszewski prepared for us in his 50Bucks2Up.

How it can be to Earn BIG with just 3 referrals.

1) Your monthly cost : $50

     Please remember what are you paying for:

     Incredible, Unheard-Of Training System
     “From A Newbie to A Pro Marketer”

2) You Earn : $45 per downline member – monthly..!!!

     Please note “per downline member” and not “per referral”.

In 50Bucks2Up we all pass up our first two referrals.

Your 3rd referral will stay with you.

This 3rd referral of yours (let’s call him Bob)
will want to earn money as well.


Before he can start earning anything
Bob will have to pass up to you his first 2 referrals – Tom and Jerry.

So, now, you have in your downline 3 people: Bob, Tom and Jerry.

You Earn : 3 x $45 = $135 per month!

Tom and Jerry will of course want to make money as well.

Because Bob has passed them up to you, both Tom and Jerry
will pass up to you their first 2 referrals – 4 people altogether.

So, now, you have in your downline 7 people :
Bob, Tom, Jerry and 4 members passed up to you by Tom and Jerry.

You Earn : 7 x $45 = $315 per month!

4 members passed up to you by Tom and Jerry will together give you 8 new downline members.

You Earn : 7 + 8 = 15 members x $45 = $675 per month!

These newest 8 downline members will give you 16 new people.

You Earn : 15 + 16 = 31 members x $45 = $1,395 per month!

These newest 16 people will pass up to you 32 new members.

You Earn : 31 + 32 = 63 x $45 = $2,835 per month!

Do you still remember that you passed up your first 2 referrals?

This of course won’t happen overnight.
It will take time.  Perhaps a lot of time.

And – the above is just a theoretical scenario.
Not every passed up to you member will pass up their 2 to you.
Your 3rd referral (the 1st one you keep may not pass up to you anyone).

If you are serious about making money with 50Buck2Up
don’t stop after referring 3 people!

Please remember what will be happening in the meantime:

You will be learning from Ben Olszewski 
( all webinars will be recorded )

and, perhaps, before you start earning $3K per month,
your knew knowledge will let you earn even bigger money
with another business of yours, perhaps the business
that you’ve created yourself?

Whatever you decide — it will always be your decision.

With Ben Olszewski YOU are always building YOU.

*     *     *     *     *

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