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Four Corners Alliance Group Compensation Plan Overview

I would like to invite you to join Four Corners with me.

To be a 4CA member, all you need to do is to make a one-time payment of $18.

For you it will be a 100% Passive Income.
I will promote your link for you.
>> if you join through my Rotator:
—– http://freerotator.com/ro/?r=3&u=margo1b

I will add your referral link to my rotator.

Then, when another person will join – they may join through your link as your referral. I will add this person’s link to my rotator, etc. etc.

If you are already a Four Corners’ member, you can either:

1) Sign up a family member under me (or another member of my team),
2) Send a support ticket to FCA and ask them to delete your present account.

  • Four Corners Alliance Group allows for referring family members
    (even if the last name, address and IP are exactly the same).

How Much Can You Earn with Four Corners?

Four Corners Alliance Group - Make Money from Home

over $500,000 – instant one-time commissions
over $76,000 – monthly residual income
100% Matching Bonus on your referrals earnings

100% Matching Bonus on your referrals earnings means

  • if your referral is paid $6 – you are paid $6 as well
  • if your referral is paid $6,000 – you are paid $6,000 as well.

Four Corners is an automated 4 x 6 matrix

(After you join and pay $18 – you won’t need to do anything.
Except for requesting withdrawals of course 🙂 )

I will promote referral links of everyone in my downline.

The system will automatically upgrade you to the higher level.

Okay, the above statement is not 100% correct.

Four Corners Alliance Group - Earn Money OnlineAfter you earn enough with instant one-time commission you may want to start monthly newsletter subscription of $29.95/month.

When you do this you will start another matrix, this time 4 x 7 matrix where you can earn up to $76,116 per month.

Your referrals from the first matrix (4 x 6 matrix with one-time instant payments)
will follow you to your monthly matrix.

It takes time before a small one-time payment can turn into big money
– this definitely is not a quick-rich scheme.

Main Four Corners Website
everything is explained in writing

Four Corners Alliance Group Compensation Plan
video explanations


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