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This is why I joined:

For over 2 years I’ve been looking for The Training Ben Olszewski is offering
as a “product” of his new program – 50Buck2Up.  Thanks Ben! 🙂
For me $50 a month is a lot of money. But not spending it now,
in the long run would definitely cost me much more.
Because I already know that I must know much more than I know now if I want to make my living online. And for me making my living online is the only option to make my living 🙂

I started trying to make money online at the very beginning of 2016.
I’ve been joining various programs, various teams and … my only achievement has been losing money.

Everything has changed when I joined TW 1K Team on Nov. 10, 2017.
The founder of this team was… Ben Olszewski!
(The Team is still alive and prospering)

Under his guidance I’ve been trying to build my business with TrafficWave
(product: Unlimited Autoresponder).  I’ve been successful.  To some extent. 

50buck2up pay planEvery month since December 2017 I’m on the TrafficWave top earners list.

But the reality is that I’m still spending more money on advertising than
TrafficWave pays me every month.

To cut the long story short:
to make my living online I still need to learn much more.

Besides, while trying to help my TrafficWave downline members I realized
that I’m still a newbie.  Perhaps a newbie to a lesser extent that many
of my TrafficWave downline members, but still…

Yes, over the past months I’ve learned a lot from Ben Olszewski,
but I still need help, guidance, advice, etc.

So, when Ben told me about his new training program, I didn’t hesitate and joined.
50Buck2Up offers more in-depth training that you can get as a member of 1K Team.

I decided to start telling people about 50Bucks2Up as soon as I watched
the recordings of the first two webinars.

These webinars, although still introductory, have already convinced me
that Ben Olszewski’s training is worth every penny we pay for it.

Even if it wasn’t accompanied by the Pay Plan that gives all of us,
YOU including, an opportunity to Earn BIG with just 3 referrals.

30 Day FREE Video Training:


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