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In GDI We Place Paid Members Under You

We Place Paid Members Under YOU

Hype? or No Hype?
Read below and decide for yourself!


My name is Malgorzata Bukojemska (Margaret) and …

When I first saw this page ( Click Here ) I laughed at this.
Some mysterious guy is promising to place paid members under me?
…No way! This definitely must be a hype…

And I kept rejecting this opportunity for many long months
… until I was approached by a person I trust.

And this person (my present GDI sponsor)
told me how it works:

>> When I refer a new person – I can move them down.
I can place this new person under someone who is in my 1st level!

She has also told me this:

1.- I joined some 2 months ago and I have 25 paid members in my downline.
I will place 3-5 people under you.
3.- You will promote and place your referrals under the people I will give you.

I joined because I finally understood how the title promise can be kept!


GDI – Global Domains International

1) is one of the oldest online businesses (companies),

2) their product – domains (and not only) is in a very high demand,

3) you start with a 7-day free trial,

4) your monthly cost is just $10,

5) you can be paid as soon as you earned $10,

6) you may earn $25 after you complete all the steps for the GDI Learning Bonus

7) Weekly Superstars Bonus
—-– refer 5 paid members in one week -> earn $100..!!
—-– refer 10 paid members in one week -> earn $200..!!
—-– and so on, and so on…

8) you are paid 5 levels deep – $1 per paid member of your downline.

9) you can have unlimited number of people in your 1st level.


How we work?

You can promote your page*) and keep all your referrals in your 1st level.
But this is a short-sighted approach.

*) My upline will make for you a page like this one: http://successplus.ws/

If you want to earn money -> your referrals must earn money as well.
And their referrals, and so on and so on.

Soon after I joined,
my sponsor referred Kathrin and put her under me (in my 1st line).

Now it’s my turn to help Kathrin.
When I enrolled my first referral (Tom) I put Tom under Kathrin.

Tom is in Kathrin 1st line and in my 2nd line.

Although I put Tom under Kathrin
– Tom is still my referral and he counts towards my Weekly Superstars Bonus.

After Kathrin refers somebody – she will place this person under Tom.

Because we can only place people under our 1st line members
we all have to promote.

If we all do our job:
promote & place new people under our 1st line members
we all earn money!

Are YOU Ready to Start Earning Money?


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