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Herculist – My Favorite Safe-List

Leads, Leads, Leads!

I have joined Herculist in May 2016 as a Pro member. I paid $15 for the whole year.
At first my postings to Herculist were bringing me zero results.
I wanted to downgrade my membership to free but I forgot to cancel my subscription.
In May 2017 I paid again. I haven’t been posting much to Herculist
till I joined 1K Team at the beginning of November 2017.

And suddenly the miracle has happened!

Each time I post my 1K Team capture page

I have a few new subscribers to my list!

As a pro member I can post every second day.

Let’s assume this: I post 180 times a year and each time I have 2 new subscribers.

It’s 360 subscribers for the price of $15..!!

Unfortunately, as it seems to me, the Pro membership is now a bit more expensive.

Now to become a Pro member you have to pay $24.98 yearly, or $9.95 monthly.

Before you join as a Free or Pro member:

I decided to upgrade my membership to Gold, and I discovered this:

– As a member – I have to pay $70 a year for Gold membership,

– If you choose Gold membership upon joining – your yearly cost will be $44.98..!!

But Herculist doesn’t mean just regular safe list posting.

They offer great packages of solo ads. And their solo ads work brilliantly as well..!!

Leads, Leads, Leads!

I started by paying for the below package. I had no results. But this could be my mistake – you have to enter your link into the message field. I might have forgotten to do this.

Because – when I bought the package from the banner above (I paid $20) I started to receiving new subscribers (leads) almost immediately.

Leads, Leads, Leads!


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