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Safelists – How to use safelists

Safelist – What is it?

Millions of people are trying to make money online.
They are joining various kinds of programs.
Some of them are creating their own products/programs.

All of them – if they want to earn money
– must tell other people about their program or product.

Safelist is a place (program) where all these people can show their site to each other.

Surprisingly safelist marketing/advertising works!


Most people (out of these millions) don’t make money – they are constantly looking
for something better, something that will finally bring them that dreamed-of income.

Those who are already making money realize that it’s better (safer) to have more
than one stream of income.

They are looking for something to add to their portfolio.

Iwas told about a guy who started by clicking safelist ads
as a free member 6 hours a day and now he is a rich guy…

All safelists are free to join.
In some of them free members can earn their upgrade.

Many safelists reward active members. Not financially – by giving you more credits for example.

Joining Safelists

The first safelists I’ve joined:

ListJumper   http://www.listjumper.com/?s=51897

ListImpact   http://www.listimpact.com/?r=margo1b

ListSurfing   http://www.listsurfing.com/?rid=45122

All of them are simple and easy to use.

Join one of them using the below directions:

Many safelists require us to have 2 gmail addresses.
Some safelists allow to have the same address used as a “contact” and “list”.)

1) Contact address – here you will be receiving mails from the admin and solo ads,

2) List address – here you will be receiving credit emails – emails sent by our
members of this safelist.  Each such email contains a link
that says something like this “click this link to earn credits”.

Each time you click a credit link – you will earn a certain amount of credits.
5, 25, 80 – it depends on the safelist and your membership level.

When you click a credit link – in your browser a new tab will open
with the website belonging to the person in whose email you clicked this credit link.

Each credit allows you to send your email with your offer (program, product, etc.)
to one random member of this safelist.

The more credits you have the more other members of this safelist will receive your email.

Most of them will not click the credit link in your email.
But some of them will do this.

And some of those who see your site will opt in for more information.

Some of these who opt-in will become your referrals.

In many safelists you can choose to receive your credit email to this safelist inbox.
I do not recommend this option – you may not be able to click credit emails efficiently.

After you join a new safelist you will receive an email with a confirmation link
– both to your “list address” and “contact address”.

You have to click the confirmation link.

Then (or at the same time) to your contact address you will receive an email with
your login details. Or, login details may be in one of the emails with confirmation link.

After you confirmed your address(es), you will start receiving credit emails.
You may need to wait a few hours before the first credit email arrive at your inbox.

Free Method to Efficiently Click Credit Emails in Safelists

1) Log into your Gmail

You will see in your inbox emails from the safelist you joined
– in my example it’s ListSurfing

2) Click the 1st email

3) Click “More”

4) Click “Filter messages like this”

A pop-up window will appear

5) Click “Create filter with this search”

A new pop-up window will appear

6) Click the box by “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)

7) Click the box let to “Apply the label”

8) Click “Choose label…” right to “Apply the label”

9) Click “New Label” – a new pop-up box will appear

10) You will be told “Please enter a new label name”

       Name your label – use the name of this safelist

11) Click “Create”

At the bottom of your pop-up window you will see this:

Also apply filter to __ matching conversations.

In my example it’s “35” – it means I have 35 emails from ListSurfing in my inbox.

12) Click the box

13) Click the button “Create filter”

It’s time now to start earning credits.

1) Click your “ListSurfing” label on the left-side menu

2) Click the very first email

3) Scroll down until you see this:

“Click Below to Verify You Read This Message and Earn Credits:”

Click this link below

(please remember that in each safelist this credit links looks differently, but always they stand out).

4) The website will open in a new window

Wait until the website will load – until you can see at the top the bar saying
that after 20 seconds (or 5 seconds) you will earn a certain amount of credits.

In many safelists – after seeing some 15-20 sites you must prove that you’re not a robot.

If this happens – follow the safelist instructions.

When you can see the top bar correctly,

5) return to your inbox,

6) delete the opened email,

7) open another email,

8) click the credit link

and son on, and so on


Some safelists let you to have 10 or more sites opened at the same time.

Some just 5. When you open too much ads at the same time – the relevant notification will appear.

And, of course, you have to close opened tabs from time to time.

Again – pay attention – in some safelists to earn credits you have to click something.

Before you close a tab – look carefully at the top bar.


Ben Olszewski’s strategy
(Ben is the creator and leader of TW 1K Team)

It must be a great strategy because I decided to do the same
even before I had a chance to read his words. Wink

Ben has been doing this for years and his strategy has really paid him off over these years.

Once a month Ben’s is buying a life time membership at another safelist.

(Usually life time upgrades cost $97 or $197)

Why it’s worth to upgrade?

1) You can post (send your email) most often.

2) You receive thousands of credits every month – you don’t need to spend your days clicking credit links.

3) You may receive solo ads in your upgrade package.

Solo ads are sent to members contact addresses and people receive more credits
for clicking solo ads.
And it means – your solo ad will have more visits than your normal mail.

Let me quote Ben’s own words here:

I find this to be just as good as a solo ad and probably better.  Why?

Well you get to email this group of people for life!  So you might not get
the same results as you would if you bought a solo ad when you are doing just
one mailing, but over time you can accumulate opt ins*) for your list and eventually
sales.  Since I’ve been doing this a long time, I can recall many times I have made
sales right out of the gate.  AND….there are no guarantees with solo ads either.
I can’t count the times I’ve bought a solo ad and got ZERO.  At least with a life
membership at a safelist you have endless opportunities to make it a good investment.”

opt ins*)
– Never promote the referral link your affiliate program gave you.


Firstly – while clicking credit emails people do not have time to take
a closer look at your offer.

Secondly – even after they ask you for more info (fill the opt-in form on your
capture page) – they still need time to think. They may need/want to ask you
questions, get to know you better.

Disclaimer: It may happen that one or two safelists disappear. Well, it happens…
We have to put up with this. Consider this as a cost of business.