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Join TrafficWave and 1K Team as a Paid Member

If you join us as a Paid Member

– your link will be added to 3 rotators:

1) Ben Olszewski’s – big rotator because Ben is at the very top.

2) Pavlos Manakidis’s – smaller rotator because Pavlos
only promotes for people in his downline (you will be in his downline).

3) My rotator – I only promote for members in my downline (you will be in my downline).

We will invite you to join special our FaceBook group.

Every Paid Member has 2 choices:

(1) Do Nothing and let us do the job for you,

I don’t recommend this option because – although your referral link will be added to 3 rotators – every day the number of links in all our rotators increases – you may have to wait a long period of time before you receive your 1st paid referral.


(2) Actively promote

Active members earn money much faster.
I have people in my downline who have found their 1st paid referral
within 2 days, or even sooner

after you join – tell me about this

I can help you build your TW downline and income

1.  I will set up for you the same marketing system most people in my downline are using (capture page with follow up autoresponder messages)

2. I will give you the link (capture page) to promote

3. I will tell you where and how to promote.

After you sign-up your 1st paid referral

TrafficWave will pay you the Fast Track Bonus 2-3 weeks later



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