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LeadsLeap & TrafficAdBar

Before you start promoting your Capture Page

I suggest joining LeadsLeap:

1) Log into your LeadsLeap account,

2) Click “My Links”

3) Paste the link of your capture page:

4) After you click the blue button “Add Now” an Edit form will open:

After you do everything to your liking – experiment (the above picture shows my preferred settings), click the SAVE button at the bottom.

– You may enter there whatever you like

At the top of the above picture you can see this:

Click the “Copy” button – a pop-up box will appear.
Copy your special LeadsLeap link.

Promote this special LeadsLeap link.


1) When you create a new capture page
– you log into your LL account, go to “My links” and in the “URL” box you will put your new url (don’t forget to click Save at the bottom).

By the time you create your new capture page – you might have added your link into 10’s or even 100’s of places. Can you imagine how painful it would be to replace your old link with the new one?

Because in all these 100’s places, from the very beginning you had your special LL link – you don’t have to change anything now!

2) You can track your results

In your LL back office go to “My Links”
and click the picture indicated by the red arrow.

LL gives over-optimistic statistics, however:

Real – visits that lasted over 5 seconds. Shorter visits most probably mean you’re receiving hits from robots.

Response – how many people opted-in (subscribed to your list)
– this number is much higher than the reality.
But if this number for a given source of traffic is constantly zero
– I would have abandoned this source of traffic.

If you create your own thank you pages LeadsLeap will give you 100% accurate statistics.

Leads Leap offers much more interesting features
– it’s worth your time and effort to at least learn what can you do.


About TAB I’m talking also here: http://feelgreat.info/trafficadbar/

If you don’t have a TrafficAdBar account yet, here’s my link:

Enter your special LeadsLeap links into TrafficAdBar (TAB).
– as a free member you can promote up to 5 pages in TAB

Promote your special TAB links.

By promoting these links you earn points.
The more points you have – the more hits you receive to your page.

When I post my ads to Safelists and for Solo Ads
– I use my special LeadsLeap links.
I prefer my capture pages with no distraction.

However – as it pays to promote special TAB links

I use this service – http://cashrotationgroup.com/ads.aspx
(cash rotation has no referral program)

They only accept PayPal – but I pay $5 for 100,000 hits.

You will receive some 2000 hits daily.

Traffic delivered by CashRotationGroup is very cheap but not totally worthless.
And definitely it’s a human traffic.

It boosts my TAB rankings. Thanks to this my ad can be seen by more people,
thus more people may want to join with us!

You can split these 100K hits between 2 links.

If you would prefer to split 100K hits between all your 5 TAB links,
you must use a rotator.

You can do this:

1) Add each of your special TAB links to LeadsLeap.
in LL name your new links in an easy to remember way:
for example: tab1, tab2, etc.

2) Create a new rotator in LeadLeap.

3) Add these tab1, tab2… links to your rotator.

4) When you buy traffic from CashRotationGroup – enter you rotator link.

I started this way. Right now I have a separate 100K campaign for each of my special TAB links.


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