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EasyCash4Ads - The easiest money making system you will ever find

7 Reasons Why You May Want to Join EasyCash4Ads

Never ending income

2. Very affordable
——– one-time payment of $19 for the life-time membership

3. Perfect for newbies and seasoned marketers alike

4. Multiple Instant & Direct $10 payments to your PayPal

5. Passive Income – After you refer 3-6 people you can stop
—— doing anything at all but continue receiving $10 payments

6. Promote your other biz to all EasyCash4Ads members

7. Additional products inside – to earn you even more money

Easy Cash 4 Ads - my resultsMy Results:

Qualifier sales – everyone starts by passing up their first 2 sales. Every your referral will pass up to you their first 2 sales as well..!!

My 2nd Qualifier Sale has contacted me
– within her first 2 weeks she has referred 9 people..!!

Qualified Legs – The number of people you’ve referred personally (starting from the 3st referral of course).
————–As you can see I referred just 1 person. But, honestly, I was doing almost nothing at all..!!

All Your Referrals – As you can see: Although I personally referred just 1 person, my total downline amounts to 6.
———————————I have done nothing at all to refer 5 people..!!

EasyCash4Ads - never ending stream of referrals and incomeReason No.1 – Never Ending Income

As a member EasyCash4Ads you receive $10
each time you receive a new referral.

Most of these new referrals will be passed up to you
by your existing referrals.

As a result you may expect a never-ending stream of new referrals and money.

To understand what I’m talking about
you need to understand the Pay Plan.

EasyCash4Ads did a great job in this respect.

Please click HERE and watch the video.
The website opens in a new window.

Reason No.2 – Very Affordable

$19 is all you need to pay one-time to be a member for life.

> there are no monthly fees,
> no special upgrades,
EasyCash4Ads - incredible new home income system> no OTO
OTO is a special offer that you can see just once, when you log in for the first time.

I hate OTO’s because, when a decide to join a program (and pay),
I do this because:

♦ it promises to give me something that I want to have,
♦ I can afford the price,
♦ I find program’s offer worth the money I am to pay,

And then, all of a sudden, after I paid what I was prepared to pay – I’m told that if I want to have what the program promised to give me – I have to pay yet again, and a much higher sum of money!

EasyCash4Ads has no hidden fees. Everyone pays exactly the same amount of money. Everyone has exactly the same opportunity and chance to make money.

EasyCash4Ads - home biz perfect for newbies and seasoned marketersReason No.3 – Perfect even for newbies

EasyCash4Ads prepared for all of us (you including) numerous splash and squeeze/capture pages to help us promote this system.

Click HERE to see the splash pages

Click HERE to see the capture pages

Keep hitting refresh to see all the pages. I suppose you could describe these pages in many words. But “boring” will never be one of them..!!

Above I inserted the rotator links for splash and capture pages. But, if you want, you can choose just one of them for your promotion. In your back office you will find a separate link for every capture and splash page.

Visit EasyCash4Ads website once again

Read this page from the top to the bottom. The FAQ’s talk about
TRAFFIC, once your a member you’ll have access to these methods (both online and offline) that you can use for EasyCash4Ads or for your current business!

At the very bottom of EC4A website you will see an opt-in form.

When you fill it in – you will start receiving the company messages. I like them very much – they are cool!

When you join EasyCash4Ads and start promoting using promotional material prepared by the company, your prospects will be receiving exactly the same messages.

Each time someone asks for more information – the company notifies you about this fact.

> You receive this person’s name and email address
so that you can contact them personally.

> You receive a message you can simply copy and paste
and send as your email to this person.

Reason No. 4 – Instant & Direct $10 payments

EC4A - Instant Traffic and Cash Flow

Each time you receive a new referral – you are paid $10 INSTANTLY and DIRECTLY to your PayPal account.
You may choose to be paid to your Payza account.
But these payments are not instant.

Reason No. 5 – Passive Income

You receive referrals in two ways:

1) Active Income – You find them on your own, that is you “do a little at the beginning”, and

2) Passive Income Each of your referrals passes up to you their first two referrals (you are doing absolutely nothing at all) and these people who are passed up to you give you their first two referrals as well. And so on, and so on, for infinity.

If you haven’t watched the video yet, you may not understand what I’m talking about.
Click HERE to watch the video.

EasyCash4Ads - brilliant income systemReason No.6 – Promote your current biz to other members

After you join – for the first two weeks – every second time you log into your back office – you will see my ad (that is your sponsor’s ad).

Your ad will only be shown to your direct referrals.

This also means that each of your referrals – during their first two weeks will see your ad!

Starting from your 15th day – you will be seeing ads belonging to random members.

This also means that starting from your 15th day your ad will be seen by people who were not referred by you! Or passed up to you by your referrals.

Random members will see your ad even if you had zero referrals.

Reason No.7 – Additional products to earn you even more money

Each month you will receive a new product that you can sell and earn additional money. For you these products will be 100% free to use.

Product of February 2017:

Responsive Squeeze Page generator.

Nowadays, more and more people surf internet using their mobile devices.

Too often a squeeze/capture*) page that looks great on PC or laptop/notebook monitors, will look awful on your tablet, or smart phone, or iphone.

squeeze/capture page*) – a page with an opt-in form that you use to get leads – that is people who are interested in your offer and by filling the form let you tell them more about your offer.

Feel Great - earn money onlineThe Responsive Squeeze Page generator solves this problem. Whatever the device you use – your ad would look great.

Okay, I know, for you it may be black magic what I’m talking about.

But, please, believe me – there are many people who would understand the need to have responsive, mobile-friendly ads.

They would love this tool prepared by EasyCash4Ads and they would want to pay for it, especially that the price is very affordable.

Click HERE to see my sales page

Your sales page would be exactly the same – with one small difference however. Instead of my username (margo1b), there will be your username.

When you join EasyCash4Ads , you can use this Squeeze Page generator for free.


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