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Traffic Gold Mine

Recently I’ve discovered yet another program belonging to Maryanne Myers: #1GoldMine.

I call this program No.1 Traffic Gold Mine because it lets us expose our sites to 4 million people..!!

It has started on October 7th, 2017 and the full launch is planned for November 1st, but

3000 people have joined #1 Traffic Gold Mine within this program first 8 days!

What this program can offer you?

In short:

A fantastic (90% hands-off) method to promote your programs (#1 Traffic Gold Mine including),

Opportunity to earn money – 2 tier commission!

Traffic Gold Mine

And now the long description:

All members can add 1 text ad (you can change it anytime).

Your ad will be seen by other members!

  • Every time we log into our account we can see 3 text ads belonging to other members (instead of a traditional login ad).
  • Each time you return to the menu – you can see 2 different text ads.

Your ad will be displayed forever! Just for being a member.

All members can add 4 banners (125px by 125px) with links to 4 programs of course.

Click HERE to see my main page. In the top right corner you will see my photo (Margaret). Click “My favorite sites”.

Below my favorite sites there are my sponsor sites.

If you refer other people to 1GoldMine:

Your 4 favorite sites will be on their websites!

If they buy a blaster package – you will earn money!
Even if you haven’t purchased a blaster package yourself!

You will be paid 25% on your personal referrals’ purchases.

You will be paid 25% on the purchases of referrals of your referrals!

For example: if you refer Bob and Bob refers John – you will earn on John’s purchases as well.

Your No.1 Traffic Source

To use a blaster you have to buy a blaster package. No matter what package you choose a single blast will always cost you less than $1.

1) Your ad will be blasted to 12 sites, including safelists, traffic exchange and text ad exchange that is on almost 1500 other sites.

  • You will need to join these sites but you will not need to click the ads to earn credits.

2) Plus, you will submit your ad (link) to an audience of 3.5 million (classifieds and search engines.

3) Third method is being prepared (programmed) right now.

There are 4 blaster packages:

  • for $37 you will receive 40 blasts
  • for $67 you will receive 90 blasts
  • for $97 you will receive 140 blasts
  • for $127 you will receive 200 blasts

You can pay with your Paypal, Payza, StPay or via CoinPayments with Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ripple or Ethereum

Blast your ad to 4 millions

All my traffic sources are here:

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