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PIF4Four – Promote Your Biz and Earn Money Online

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PIF4four is a very simple and smart done system
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  The right way:

  1) You join >> Click HERE

  2) The system assigns you to somebody in my downline

  3) This “somebody” upgrades your account.

  4) You add your other links (2 methods)
——-– other PIF4four members can see your offer.

  5) You promote your PIF4four page.
——-– in your back office you’ll find cool splash pages,
——-– I can help you have a capture page and build your list at the same time.

  6) People see your page and they join.

  7) First 2 people you will pass up. Your cost – $10.
——You may receive these 2 people from automatic spill-over!
——You must PIF them or your account will be deleted!

  8) You will PIF 2 more people.
You will pay $5 for each of these 2 people

       – but as soon as you upgrade each of them:
       $4 will appear in your balance ready for withdrawal. Your cost – $2.
——If you don’t PIF them – you will NOT earn anything!

  9) Your Total Cost – $12.
       Payment processors: PayPal, CoinPayments

 10) PIF4Four is just a beginning, a gateway for built-in system that will bring you:
——>> more advertising, and
——>> more streams of income!


Where IS the Money?

Each of your referrals (starting from the 3rd one)
   will pass 2 people up to you!

Each time you receive a pass-up — you earn $4.

Don’t stop promoting after you have 4 people.
Help your referrals to earn money as well!

Each of your referrals – starting with the 5th one
   – will be assigned – automatically, on auto-pilot
to those of your upgraded members
who have not passed up to you their sales yet!

Each of your referrals (starting with the 5th one):

>> will come back to you – as a pass-up
>> will earn you $4

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