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Test TrafficWave and 1K Team as a Free Member

As far as I know TrafficWave 1K Team is the only TW team that accepts free members.

(1) Join and Do Nothing

– You can jump in as a free member to lock in your position and you can decide later if you want to stay.

You might even get refs from spillover and decide to stay and you can promote it too to help yourself. (scroll down to read more)

I will be 100% honest with youfree members who do nothing hurt our finances.

Let’s imagine that you joined us as a Paid/Upgraded member.

By joining with us you started your own 3×10 matrix.

– In your 1st line you can have up to 3 people.

You earn $6 for every upgraded member in your 1st level – $18 in total.
– You don’t have to personally sign-up these people,
they may appear in your downline thanks to the efforts of your uplines (spillover).

TrafficWave monthly subscription fee is $17.95.

– It means – you earn enough to cover your monthly subscription.

Would you like to have 3 free members in your 1st line?

I bet, you wouldn’t. So, please, if you plan to join free and do nothing
– think again about what I said above.

TW pays us a lot!!!!  

Click HERE to see How Much Can You Earn

(2)Join and Actively Promote

By deciding to promote you show us you are at least half-serious about this business. 🙂

Although Ben Olszewski does not promote for free members,

I can help you build your TW downline and income

1.  I will set up for you the same marketing system most people in my downline are using (capture page with follow up autoresponder messages)

2. I will give you the link (capture page) to promote

3. To help you start earning money fast – I will give you exactly the same information
as I’m giving to upgraded members in my downline

4. I will add you to my rotator

  • My efforts may not bring you your 1st paid referral fast
    (I have many links in my rotator)

Important if you decide to promote as a free member:

(1) Free members cannot earn,

(2) If you refer a paid member

you must upgrade your account
at the latest on the first Friday after your paid referral joins under you.
Or the Fast Track Bonus will be lost forever.

Fast Track Bonus = $17.95 = the amount your upgrade will cost you.

TrafficWave accepts Paypal, Payza and credit/debit cards.
Payza offers their own debit cards.

(3) TrafficWave will pay you the Fast Track Bonus 2-3 weeks after you paid referral has signed-up under you.

(4) Your 2nd payment to Traffic Wave will be due 30 days after you upgraded.

Don’t forget to tell me that you’ve joined



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