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TrafficAdBar – Cool Ways of promoting Your Website
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TrafficAdBar – this program is much more than just a traditional traffic exchange.

Traffic Ad BarTraffic AdBar is free to join. You can upgrade any time – there are 3 levels of paid membership.

Even free members can earn money (if you refer someone who decide to upgrade).

The higher your membership level, the more money you can earn and the more often other people will see your ads/websites.

But the real reason why I’m recommending Traffic AdBar, is this:

1) TrafficAdBar brings me the best results.

Traffic AdBar members are more responsive than people surfing any other Traffic Exchange I’ve ever joined.

2) Traffic Ad Bar has a really cool feature: Ad Bar

Click Here to see what I’m talking about:

At the bottom of the page you can see the AdBar.

When – in your TrafficAdBar member’s area – you add a link to a website you want to promote through Traffic Ad Bar:

>> You are told to create a short text ad about your website/program.

After you add your link and text ad, Traffic Ad Bar will create a special link for you.

Click Here to see the result.

Now, instead of the link to your main program, you start promoting this special Traffic Ad Bar link.

Each time someone sees you site, you earn points!

Okay, you may not be happy that other peoples’ ads are displayed on your website. But thanks to this:

  • Your ad will appear on websites promoted by other
    TAB members as well!
  • Your ad will be seen on places you have no idea they exist!

>> Besides, at the very bottom you can see my tiny photo and
——Malgorzata’s link.

>> When you click this Malgorzata’s link you will go
——to my TrafficAdBar profile and you will see all my ads.

The more hits your special TAB link receives, the more often your text ad can be seen by other people.

And, honestly, I have no idea who opt-ins into my lists more often:

> people who surf TAB directly, or

> people who see my text ad. 

Would YOU like to have the same option
to promote YOUR program?

JOIN Traffic Ad Bar

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