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UDIMI – My Favorite Hands-Off Advertising Method

Why Udimi is my Best Choice when I need
a Lazy Method to Promote my Biz?

I used to be afraid of UdimiI joined Udimi because I’ve heard that people have great results
with Udimi solos.

But I was afraid to place an order.

I decided to buy clicks through Udimi only after my GDI sponsor
told me that she has bought 100 clicks and 5 people signed up!

This gave me a courage to order a solo as well.
My results were great too: 4 sign-ups and 25 leads…

But I know that my next order may bring me zero results…
I know that no-one, ever can guarantee me positive results.

But: no risk – no fun ๐Ÿ™‚

And (this I know for certain) – If I do nothing -> I will achieve nothing…

1) you even don’t need a email swipe!

  • a) you find the seller that suits you the best
  • b) give them the link you want to promote
  • c) pay for the order and that’s all..!!
a) – look for Solo Deals first (top menu)
b) – All sellers are interested in giving you the best results,
—–because the more their clients have sales,
—–the more orders this seller can receive and the more money they can make. ๐Ÿ™‚
Website Visitors Personal Users Log Countec) – You don’t pay directly to the seller.
  • Your money go to Udimi.
  • The seller is paid only after they deliver at least as many clicks as you paid for.
  • If your seller fails to deliver you all the clicks, you are refunded.
  • Also, it gives you an opportunity to change your mind and cancel the order
    (before your campaign is started of course).
    In this case the money you paid stay in your Udimi balance – you can use it for another order.
At the beginning you may find Udimi solo ads expensive (although cheaper than most of solo ads services I know about), but…

2) After you join Udimi – tell all your referrals about this place.
Some of them may already have an account,
but many people never heard about Udimi.

You make money on your Udimi referrals purchases4) After some time you may discover that you earn more
from your referrals’ purchases than you pay for your own solo ads..!!


Disclaimer: Although I recommend Udimi – you must realize that sales are not guaranteed.